In which the CRing project’s website expands

January 7, 2011

The main website for the CRing project is now slightly improved. Namely, there’s now a downloads page which allows you to view individual chapters of the book. This idea was shamelessly copied from the analog for the Stacks project, of course. As usual, the website will be updated about once a day (which is slightly less frequently than the project actually gets edited!).

The project itself has been evolving as usual the past few days. I am not sure it makes sense to give a blow-by-blow account of every small edit (that’s what the git repository is for), but the major new addition is a small section on Oka families of ideals in the chapter on the Spec of a ring. This is basically an axiomatization of the familiar observation that an ideal maximal with respect to some property is often prime. We also have some new donations, which will start trickling into the main document soon.

The source files also now contain a bunch of Perl scripts that may be useful. This is entirely irrelevant to compiling the main document (CRing.pdf) but might help in other cases. Let me briefly explain what they do:

  • scripts/makenamelist.perl keeps the list of chapters (in the tmp/ directory) up to date.
  • scripts/script.perl updates the makefile (which should be done after you add a new chapter or remove a chapter) and creates files in the aux/ directory that when compiled will produce precisely one chapter. This only needs to be run after you add a new chapter. However, there is a better way to do this: make update_tmp will run the script as well as the one that updates the name list.
  • Speaking of which, the makefile is now better. “make chflat.pdf” (or more generally “make ch(name).pdf”) will, for instance, produce a PDF file containing the chapter on flatness alone. The xr package is used to get the cross-references with the rest of the document working. “make chapters” will do all the chapters (and, incidentally, the whole book as well).
  • If you want to run a script by itself, this should be done from the main directory.
  • If for whatever reason you don’t have “make” (e.g. you use Windows), you can run “pdflatex aux/ch(name).tex” from the main directory twice (after compiling the book itself, pdflatex CRing.tex) to get the individual chapters.

Not that these are likely to be used too often by contributors — they’re probably most useful for now in getting the website automatically updated. Later we might need them if we want to put a table of contents in each chapter or something like that (and for whatever reason can’t use shorttoc). Also, I don’t know programming, so people should feel free to edit these.



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