Source files

December 26, 2010

The source files on the main website will no longer contain contributions that have not been merged into the main document. The justification is that otherwise the source files would become very large! (There are some JPEGs in the full source.) Right now, the abbreviated source is a couple of hundred kilobytes. The much larger full source files can, as always, be downloaded from the git repository.

The main website no longer contains .tar.gz files (for the source), but now instead uses bzip2, which typically leads to better compression. (Windows users may find it easier to open the larger .zip archives.)

A few minor changes were made: a typo in the name of the chapter on homological methods, pointed out by Keith Conrad, was corrected, and a bit of material on faithful flatness was added. In fact, there is now a new chapter on “flatness” that is in its infancy. The topic is introduced earlier, but there is much more one can say especially after one has introduced derived functors.


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